Letter from Lyndon Milek, 6/28/06


(Note:  This year we lost another classmember, Doug Nelson, a sobering moment, and our discussion list has been quite active, we all miss him.  It reminds us of our mortality and has made us think about things a lot.   Lyndon sent this letter to us, and since we may have classmates yet to be found, not on the email list yet,  I decided to publish it on the website for him.    Robin)

To The Class of 1960

I don’t think there is anyone that enjoyed the reunion this past summer more than myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with as many of you as I could, with as little time we had available (I also had 12 relatives there, as well).  Thank goodness, I remembered almost everyone, but one of the girls (no names) was the toughest, and she played it for all it was worth.  She really had me squirming. 

Afterwards, reflecting on the reunion, and everyone, I began to realize what a talented group the class of 1960 turned out to be, and I suspect that there are few, if any, THS graduating classes that could match this diversely capable group.  What a great bunch of “get-up-and-doers”

Anyway gang, simply put, I guess what I am trying to tell you is that I am damn proud of having grown up with the class of 1960, and I am proud to have known each and every one of you.


G. Lyndon Milek