The 2000 40th Year Reunion (class of 1960) photos 
and such, continued ...

The next day was beautiful, the morning sky looked like there might be some rain ..

but no such luck, it got hot again, but still such a beautiful day !!  

We drove around and looked over things, to see if anything had changed since last year, and mostly to wile away the time with old friends not seen for a long time.   Focus?   The park seemed to be mostly one end of every trip around town, here are some shots not great, but enough to help you remember.   A couple of these were taken a couple years earlier...

We registered that afternoon at the Museum on Broadway where
a all-class mixer was taking place, and then after a nap, met at
the Holiday Inn for a while, sure wish I had some pictures from
there!    Then  later we met up  for our class dinner and
a great show with multimedia and live entertainment by our
cheerleaders.   Again, duh, I didnt take my camera to all that good 

So again,  was that one real busy day...   or was it 2?


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