The 2000 40th Year Reunion (class of 1960) photos
and such, continued ...

After the dinner ( a few hours later, when it began to cool down) and we had a huge dance at the Vets Club.   It was so crowded and hot that some folks went and got lawn chairs and put them out front, and on the back of pickup trucks backed up to the front sidwalk.    Everyone had a great time.   I think there was a band because I vaguely remember dancing some ...  but cant remember any details.    Does that sound familiar?

Well, enough dragging on with all this,   the next day was the Sunday class picnic in the park.    It was a beautiful sunny day, and as we were all under the trees looking for shade, the pictures all seem to be out of whack a bit.   I know some of you took great pictures too,  please dont hesitate to either send them to me, or scan them (at the drug store even !) and email them to me, so we can make this a lot more complete, and less of a personal view than it all is.    Anyhow, enough of my dribble, here are the pictures of the classmates that made it to the picnic....  

Not all our classmates seem to look older...   but all do seem to
look wiser!

    A fish story ?

  Did Ed fly up
for the weekend?  


Bill was reminding my dad of how he fixed his bike.   Robert, my son,
lived in Thermop for a couple years and had a nearly identical
story.  Me, I was just soaking it all in.     Who took the picture for us?

 Add Pat Spratt and Rodney Harris ...    


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