The 2000 40th Year Reunion (class of 1960) photos
and such, continued ...

Faces and friends we will never forget..

Lots of laughter, it was a great day!

Orange juice?   And such tall tales !

It was like we were all chumming around just last
week, not 40 years for crying out loud!!!

Well, gee, all that grey hair, mayby (just mayby) it WAS
40 yrs afterall...????   Me, I think I'd love to have some
grey hair, especially on top!!

And then again, so many seem to never age...

So my friends, thats all of my pictures and most of my thoughts
about our grand reunion.    Send me your pictures and thoughts and lets get them shared!!  

So many folks were there yet somehow avoided the front of my
camera too...   dang.    Next time, if Im around, I will be sure to
take way too many, just to be sure in case no one else sends any
pictures for the website.   


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