The 2000 40th Year Reunion (class of 1960) photos
and such,    the exit...   


So, ... after staying at the picnic perhaps too long, hating to leave our old school friends, and hating to not hear just one more story.. we finally got on our way.     The view thru the canyon was beautiful as always, except it was marred by a fire.   Probably one of the faster (hotter?)  classmates burning his way out of town...


It was fully under control by the time we were there, just
throwing out a lot of smoke.   Those famous Thermop fire
fighters are quick and thorough! 

So, thats all the pictures of this great event that I have that turned out all all.   I am glad to share them with you, and will be quite happy to share yours as well as soon as you send them my way.

I look forward to dancing and talking all night again at our 45th, in July of 2005.    That isn ot that far away!   Be there or be square!

Robin Galyan
Feb. 2003
Better late than never.

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