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"Songs of a Muse's Slave"
by C.Frederick Shelley


O muse who sings about
The high celestial kingdom
Visit bard with will so stout
And render him some wisdom
O Muse, do not shirk
Or ignore my one plea
But bring to my work
The better part of me
So I with sweetness may
Sing on lyre my sonnet
And sweet to mankind play
My merry ditties on it.


Any art that's wroght by man
And is approved by human eyes
Gives to life what it can
And in creation, dignifies.


Oh, let me tune my lute
and try to do my part
Or pipe upon my flute
A song for every heart.
Verses let me fashion
Yes, in my meager way
Verses of compassion
About the everyday.
Now I make no claim to be a card
And what I write may be no good
For I'm just a happy humble bard
Who hopes he's understood,
and whether my verse be wise or not
Take it as it is: it's all I've got.

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