Class of 1964
Pictures from the 2004 40th Reunion 

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Connie Taylor




Jim Burnell & Tom Lippincott


Jim Burnell, Pam Peyton, Tim Lippincott,
Marjorie Shelley, & Jackie Peyton


Rene Shipp, Linda Gitlitz, Marjorie Shelley, Jackie Peyton, Pam Peyton, & Vickie Witters.


So thats all of em so far from the 2004 Reunion.     You are welcome to submit pictures of relevance at any time.   You can send them to our mail list (discussion group) at  and in the subject line indicate they are pictures (ie:  PIX-wedding, or PIC-) so that when we go look at old emails in the archives we can find them.    login =ths  pw =ths


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