Class of 1964
Pictures from the 2004 40th Reunion 

                                                                                       Group shot

To begin with,  how about a nice black and white group shot to compare with all the old class photo's we
have (?) saved in our scrap books..


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Here is the reunion picture of the class of 1964
Left to right Back row:
Janet (Hopcus) Schafer, Joyce (Curtis) Kvall, Carol (Hovey) Mentor, Sally (Shoopman) Liddle, Pam (Peyton Sexton, Marjorie (Shelley) Strohman, Connie Taylor, Cheri (Wood) Salberg, Peggy (Schaff) Shaffer, Vicki (Witters) Mooseng, Linda (Gitlitz) Austin,
Front row:
Dave Treick, Marvin Nielsen, Tim Lippincott, Wayne Christiansen, Hugh Johnson, Jim Burnell, Dan Harry, Dick Dickeson, Dean Shaffer & Jack Turnell.

   Now to see Color pictures taken around Thermop over the 2004 reunion, clik below, 4 pages worth! ...

Page 1 Reunion Pix
Page 2 Reunion Pix
Page 3 Reunion Pix
Page 4 Reunion Pix

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We are soliciting pictures of relevance!   Send em in, digital is preferred, or mail,  whatever, but send them in with as much information about each picture as you can muster.

You can also send pictures in to the class mail list for all members to see, and a copy will be saved in the archives section, but you would have to search to find them,   please send them also to the websmith to include them here in this section!